DSC International School

DSC International School (DSC) has been providing a highly integrated and comprehensive early, elementary and secondary education for over 35 years. A member of CTF Education Group and one of Hong Kong’s leading international schools, DSC offers a unique Canadian international education experience on a direct pathway to the world’s top universities.  DSC’s strengths lie in an inclusive multicultural environment and a strong focus on STEAM education.

Leaders Inside and Outside The Classroom

Meeting the most rigorous academic standards, DSC students lead not only in the classroom, but in international competitions both in and outside of Hong Kong – with notable achievements in the Asian Youth Social Entrepreneurship Association (AYSEA) Business Case Competition, the Harvard Book Prize, Harvard Model United Nations, University of Waterloo Math Competitions, and more.

DSC’s technology-integrated curriculum acts as an interactive canvas for students to work creatively to tackle real-world challenges. With top-of-the-line EduTech applications at their fingertips, students are empowered to become innovators in everything they do. DSC is one of the few schools in Hong Kong to build topics like Financial Literacy, Coding, and Socio-emotional Learning Skills into their standard curriculum. These subjects are helping DSC students to develop crucial life skills to succeed throughout their lives.

STEAM Education

DSC is proud to be a leader of technology-infused learning for all students. Meaningful technology integration is an important part of the School’s educational philosophy. The use of technology ensures that students master 21st Century competencies, such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Inquiry-based learning, real-world application, and lifelong learning are all integral parts of the DSC curriculum. The new Creativity and Innovation Hub at DSC is designed especially for students to explore more within the areas of STEAM, AI/Robotics, Hydroponic and Nutrition, Media Design, Performing and Visual Arts. The studios are fully equipped with the latest technologies and are open to all students from Early Years to Secondary School.

  • DSC is proud of its international student body, representing more than 46 nationalities.

  • DSC offers the Canadian (Ontario) Curriculum from Early Years to Grade 12.

  • More than 90% of DSC teachers are Canadian and are registered with the Ontario College of Teachers.

  • With OSSD qualification, DSC graduates have been offered spots at the world’s top universities such as University of Toronto, University of British Colombia, University College London, Imperial College London, University of Hong Kong and many other notable higher education institutions.

  • Through access to a wide range of academic courses, students enjoy a university style education with a deeper focus on subjects they are passionate about.

  • DSC offers a supportive learning environment with a strong focus on social and emotional support.

  • DSC ECO-X Summit on 10 November 2021 to support CNN’s #CallToEarth Day. DSC hosted diverse events and activities to raise awareness of UN development and sustainability goals. CNN visited DSC during the ECO-X Summit and covered this meaningful event in real time!

  • The new Creativity and Innovation Hub, an innovation floor with 10 urpose-built studios, was built for AI/Robotics, STEAM, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Hydroponic Gardening.

  • This year we celebrated the 35th Anniversary of DSC! To mark this seminal anniversary, DSC alumni from around the world shared their stories on DSC’s social media platforms and website.

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