Our K-12 Schools

Synonymous with Excellence in K-12 Education

CTFEG governs and operates K-12 schools that offer international curriculums such as the International Baccalaureate Programme and Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Our schools include Victoria Educational Organisation and DSC International School. As CTFEG is committed to the highest standards of excellence in teaching and learning, our schools globally recruit qualified and experienced educators, drawing on world-class research to adopt teaching paradigms and pedagogies that inspire learning. CTFEG schools also provide a wealth of extracurricular activities conducive to whole person development; that are designed to not only hone students’ creativity, but also to empower them to develop leadership attributes and become engaged citizens who contribute to their communities and to society as a whole.

CTFEG is extending our unique education ecosystem and ethos into Mainland China by way of partnership. Through a strong, long term strategic partnership with Benenden School, a leading independent school in the U.K., CTFEG will leverage a wealth of resources and expertise to establish a world-class bilingual school. The first school of Benenden in Mainland China is expected to be unveiled in late 2023 in Guangzhou of the Greater Bay Area.

Victoria Educational Organisation


DSC International School


K-12 Bilingual School in Mainland China