Our Education

A unique synergistic platform creating sustainable impact

CTFEG was established in 2017 within the family office of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (CTFE). CTFE and its leadership team have enjoyed a long, celebrated history of involvement in education for over 40 years. From becoming a school-sponsoring body to supervising and managing K-12 schools, engaging in education philanthropy and research, and making education investments, to name a few key areas, CTFE’s many and varied education-related activities have operated independently of one another but, when taken together, have played a crucial role in impacting the kindergarten to secondary (K-12) education space.

We saw the need to bring together different stakeholders and myriad of resources to achieve greater collaboration, efficiency and opportunities to drive K-12 education and schools forward with sustainable impact.

With this in mind, we founded CTFEG to connect K-12 Schools and Network of Stakeholders and Services through the creation of the CTFEG Education Ecosystem – a unique synergistic platform to advance the frontiers of K-12 education to empower the next generation to be future ready.

It is our goal at CTFEG to innovate the Education Ecosystem to create synergy and a lasting impact on our K-12 schools, while serving marginalized communities by mobilizing shared resources.

A unique synergistic platform creating sustainable impact