News & EventsEduMaker Voices Campaign Launch: The 1st CTFEG x VEO Parents Seminar

CTFEG launched our brand new “EduMaker Voices” initiative, connecting parents across media with the leaders and experts driving K-12 education in the region. First up in the EduMaker Voices lineup was an exclusive parents seminar!

CTFEG and VEO co-organised the 1st EduMaker Voices Parents Seminar on 30 October 2021, drawing over 1,000 interested VEO parents! Jennifer Ma, Group Chief Strategy Officer of CTFEG, and Dr. Richard Wong, Academic Director, Early Childhood of CTFEG and Academic Advisor of VEO, shared key highlights from an exclusive interview series with leading educators from prestigious local and international schools in Hong Kong. They discussed whole child development, IB, A-Level and AP system, student wellness, deep learning, and future readiness, among other topics.

VEO Principals Blanche Kwok, Debbie Cheng and Cathin Wong, together with PTA representatives Ramona Schmidt, Stephanie Tang and Lim Yon Hon then joined Jennifer in a panel discussion on primary school placement and children’s optimal educational journeys. They offered tips on navigating primary school interviews and the parent-school partnership.

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