Education Hub “Master Series” Summer Camp in Greater Bay Area – Delivers Unique Experiences for Kids and Teens

Summer campers aged 5 to 14 prepare to get “Future World Ready” through exclusive experiences led by world-renowned experts in their fields


Last month, CTF Education Group (“CTFEG”) celebrated the Grand Opening of The Education Hub (the “Hub”) in Panyu, Guangzhou, the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”), providing K-12 students with infinite opportunities through unparalleled resources to prepare them to thrive in a fast-evolving, dynamic world. This summer, the Hub in Mainland China will welcome expert educators and industry professionals to lead its first “Master Series” Summer Camp, providing unique experiences for kids and teens aged 5 to 14.

Innovative Programmes Curated by Experts

Through the Hub’s “Kindervarsity” model, which brings together a community of learners, educators, researchers, and industry professionals for the future of K-12 education, the Hub is creating a new K-12 learning experience based on collaboration and community. The new Summer Camp offers drama, musical theatre, creative dramatics, design, innovation and technology, bioengineering, Chinese culture and literature, and sports, to inspire kids and teens like never before! The Camp in Mainland China will be held in Mandarin and English.

Entering the World of Technology and Innovation

Kids and teens at the Summer Camp Innovation Series will enjoy hands-on experience in the real world of I&T. They will visit automotive factories to understand how vehicles are assembled; conduct experiments on DNA recombination technology; explore graphical and Python/C++ programming using drones, Vex and Matrix robots; and gain practical experience with engineering design, 3D printing, and robotics.

Cultivating Business Knowledge in A Chinese Cultural Context

Campers will also explore how Sun Tzu (孫子兵法) applies to modern day commerce tactics in business at the Chinese Culture in Business Series led by a master historian and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the Guangzhou TV Station. Campers will be assigned tasks and may even record, produce and air their results!

Chinese immersion through exposure to Lingnan Culture is one of the highlights of this inaugural Summer Master Series: Participants will have the opportunity to experience the art of pressed flowers and Guangcai (traditional hand-painted porcelain) to cultivate their aesthetic sense, imagination, and creativity.

All The World’s A Stage for Summer Campers

In the Performing Arts Series, kids and teens will take to the stage to explore themselves and their relationships through the world of theatre. Under the theme of “Family, Friendship and Resilience,” campers will create interactive performances about friendships and family members using different musicals and characters. Each performance, before a live audience, will be a window into their personal growth and transformation through the performing arts!

Campus of Infinite Possibilities

At the Camp, participants will enjoy access to state-of-the-art Performing Arts, Sports, and Innovation Centre facilities to enrich their experiences and expand their horizons. They will also enjoy invaluable Boarding Life experiences, which are a stellar opportunity for older campers to develop new friendships with peers from across GBA while building communication and social skills.

Introducing Our Masters

By leveraging CTFEG’s diverse ecosystem, the Hub has formed a team of experts from different fields to lead the new Summer Master Series.

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The Master Series Summer Camp will be held in Panyu, Guangzhou, in close proximity (approximately 10 minutes’ drive) to Guangzhou Nan Station in Panyu, Guangzhou, just an hour away by high-speed train from Hong Kong and other GBA cities.

Participants and parents interested in The Education Hub’s Summer Master Series may refer to the programme brochure at the link: here, or contact us at

  • Chinese Culture – Alex Gui:
    Alex is TV Producer and Host of Guangdong Radio and Television’s Kids Channel. He is also the 2016 “Champion of GRT Broadcasting and Hosting”.


    Innovation – Dr. Tony Chen:
    Dr. Chen is a highly respected expert in the field of STEAM education and winner of the Japan MEXT Global COE Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement Award. He owns many patents and has published three SCI-indexed journal papers and 20+ international conference papers as first author.


    Performing Arts – Paul Tines:
    Previously Executive Director of the Paul Mellon Arts Center and Head of the Choate Rosemary Hall Arts Department, Paul has taught acting, dance, movement, and theatre history for more than 40 years. He has directed and choreographed over 150 musicals and plays at colleges, top schools, regional theatres, and arts centres. His theatre students have appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in regional theatres.

    Chinese Culture – Xu Jun Ru:
    Ms. Xu is City-level Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage’s National Representative Project of Guangcai; she is an expert on hand-drawn porcelain.

  • Participants will have the chance to visit the Guangzhou TV Station for a first-hand look at TV programme production.

  • CTF Education Group (“CTFEG”) last month announced the launch of the Education Hub Project (The “Hub”) in Panyu, Guangzhou in GBA, creating a new K-12 education experience through its visionary “Kindervarsity” model.

  • The Sports Centre offers campers world-class facilities for competitive group and individual sports experiences.

  • The Performing Arts Centre will be home to drama, musical theatre, and creative dramatics Summer Camp programmes!

  • The Innovation Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology to enrich campers’ immersive experience with Innovation and Technology.

  • The Summer Master Series camps offer comfortable, spacious and well-equipped boarding facilities, as well as nutritious meals.

  • The Summer Master Series camps offer comfortable, spacious and well-equipped boarding facilities, as well as nutritious meals.

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