News & EventsCTFEG and Schools to Donate HK$330,000 to “Share for Good” platform to Support Hong Kong Community Impacted by Pandemic

“One Group, One Family” campaign extends online education and wellness resources to help parents and students across Hong Kong contend with the effects of COVID-19 

Mr. Ned Au, Group Chief Operating Officer of CTFEG (Right) presenting UV-C sterilisation air purifiers, sanitisation materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) to Mr. David W. Chang, Vice-Chairman of the Hong Chi Association (Left).

The fifth wave of the pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge for the Hong Kong community. At the same time, it offers the greatest opportunity to come together and demonstrate our love, support and empathy for one another. CTF Education Group (“CTFEG”) believes that collective efforts mobilise contributions that have the power to lift people up and restore their faith and hope. In this spirit, together with member schools Victoria Educational Organisation (“VEO”) and DSC International School (“DSC”), CTFEG is donating HK$330,000 toward the purchase of UV-C sterilisation air purifiers, vital sanitisation materials, as well as personal protective equipment (“PPE”) through the “Share for Good” platform to Yan Chai Hospital to support Hong Chi Association, which helps individuals with intellectual disabilities impacted by COVID-19.

CTFEG’s management team preparing pandemic protective packets to be distributed to the underprivileged.

New World Development’s Share for Good is a pioneering platform tackling the effects of the pandemic through community building. Bringing together over 30 non-profit organisations and social enterprises, Share for Good, Hong Kong’s first large-scale crowd-donation online platform, quickly and efficiently identifies donors with beneficiaries to provide vital supplies to those in need.

“We can succeed only if we act boldly together,” says Dr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New World Development, and Vice Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of CTFEG.

Unlike conventional one-way donations, Share for Good platform takes on a targeted method that connects different communities and shares resources where they are needed most. In partnership with Yan Chai Hospital and Lalamove, Share for Good platform is sending help and critical supplies, including COVID-19 test kits, oximeters, cellular SIM cards, supermarket cash vouchers, fast food coupons, face shields and cooling gel sheets, to hardest hit areas.

CTFEG has also invited parents and staff members from VEO and DSC – from across its education ecosystem – to actively take part in this important initiative and join in supporting pandemic relief efforts in Hong Kong. By participating in this important initiative, they are setting an example for future generations about community involvement and impact. Parents and staff members are donating goods and making cash contributions to

“EduMakers: Beyond The Classroom” launched a new “Special Stay Home Series: Reimagining Post Pandemic Life,” helping parents gain strategies for dealing with the direct consequences of the current pandemic surge.

CTFEG is deeply aware of the impact pandemic disruptions have had on its students and their families. Through its “One Group, One Family” campaign, CTFEG is also expanding online support for parents and students, offering proactive guidance on optimal home learning, expert talks on childhood development and wellbeing at our schools and via “EduMaker Voices” webinars, as well as “EduMakers: Beyond the Classroom” podcast interviews with local and international school leaders, and much more. The newly launched “Special Stay Home Series: Reimagining Post Pandemic Life” invites experts to share tips and insights on ways of safeguarding children’s physical and mental wellbeing during and after school suspensions and other pandemic stressors. “As parents and role models, the emotions of parents deeply affect the emotions of children, and may make a lifelong impact on them,” shared Dr. Charles Yu, Emotional Quotient and Leadership Training Consultant in the first episode.

“As EduMakers, we are committed to being families’ education partners – to helping parents navigate their children’s education journeys from kindergarten through secondary school, and beyond,” says Ms. Jennifer Yu Cheng, Group President and Deputy Vice Chairwoman of CTFEG.

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