News & EventsVictoria Educational Organisation (VEO) Opens First Kindergarten Campus in The New Territories

New Ocean Pride Campus delivering VEO’s distinctive and world-class 
early childhood education at easily accessible location

As a proud member of CTF Education GroupVictoria Educational Organisation (“VEO”), providing world-class early childhood education to children in Hong Kong since 1965, recently celebrated the Grand Opening of Ocean Pride Kindergarten, its first campus in the New Territories. The new campus opens its doors in August 2022, offering the same unique immersive, hands-on learning environment and cutting-edge teaching and learning paradigms that have been synonymous with VEO for over five decades.

Going forward, VEO will continue pioneering teaching and learning practices and remain steadfast in its commitment to educating and inspiring the next generation to become future ready.

VEO has expanded its network of schools to include its ninth campus, Ocean Pride, the very first VEO campus in the New Territories. Guests at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Ocean Pride Campus. (From left to right)

Ms. Jennifer Ma, Group Chief Strategy Officer of CTFEG

Ms. Josephine Wu, Principal of VEO Ocean Pride Campus

Mrs. Jennifer Yu Cheng, Group President and Deputy Vice Chairwoman of CTFEG and Supervisor of VEO

Dr. Maggie Koong, Head of Academy of Victoria Shanghai Academy, BBS, JP

Mr. Ned Au, Group Chief Operating Officer of CTFEG and Interim Executive Director of VEO

The first Victoria Educational Organisation kindergarten in the New Territories district is a verdant oasis for children in the middle of a bustling city.

VEO‘s inviting, and encouraging learning environment is a second home to students. 

Safe, spacious and stimulating environment is designed to cultivate students’ curiosity, creativity and communication skills. 

The VEO library is home to literature about child-centered inquiry-based learning.

All our campuses feature state-of-the-art facilities and designated areas like the Light and Shadow Centre and e-skipping ropes. 

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