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About the Strategic Partnership

CTFEG has formed a strategic partnership with Benenden School, a renowned UK school, and will launch its premium school in Guangzhou of the Greater Bay Area. It aims to synergize all resources, knowhow and innovation to advance the frontier of K-12 education and establish one of the best schools in China and the world. Accommodating 1,600+ students and teachers, the School will be equipped with the highest standard of facilities including an integrated STEAM and innovation center, a purpose-built arts and performance auditorium, and a multi-sports complex for international level competitions. The school of Benenden in Mainland China is expected to be unveiled in late 2023.

Benenden School (UK)

Founded in 1923, Benenden School has been one of the leading independent schools in Britain for nearly a century. The Good Schools Guide once described Benenden as "Everyone's idea of a traditional, up-market boarding school brought radiantly up to date... An exciting and appealing place: if we were young again, we'd be clamouring to go there."

Benenden School established its educational ethos in their pioneering motto of Complete Education, where the School’s teaching goes beyond the academic syllabus to provide a holistic co-curriculum that nurtures an individual’s personal and professional development. The School is well recognised for its Capstone Projects that include a collaboration with the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) to construct and launch a Microlight aircraft in 2018. Benenden Lacrosse teams are frequently crowned County Champions across the age groups and a number of girls participate in the England Regional and National Academy.

The School is known to be popular amongst royals with prominent alumni including Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Basma of Jordan, and Princess Benedikte of Denmark, to name a few.