Teaching & Learning Research AdvancementsCollaboration with Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO), a subsidiary of CTF Education Group had the honour to work with Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education, which takes the form of a two-year pilot study, called "Agency by Design: Early Childhood in the Making”.

Maker-centered learning, which aims to instill in learners an inquisitiveness in arts and design aspects of objects and systems, fostering a "can-do spirit” as well as empowering them to affect change in their surroundings, is important as it empowers young learners as creators - to build and design - and in the process helps them develop skills such as observation, creativity, problem solving, and collaboration.

Through the pilot study partnership with researchers from Project Zero, VEO aims to strengthen its STEAM teaching pedagogues and program by integrating maker- centered learning principles developed by Project Zero team working with the Agency by Design initiative into everyday classroom teaching.

The partnership also represents the strong commitment of CTF Education Group to provide the best learning opportunities to students leveraging insights from one of the world’s leading universities. We believe the collaborative inquiry with researchers from Project Zero will support VEO in enhancing VEO’s STEAM program and ultimately equip its students to be “Global Citizens for Tomorrow”.