Education & Community Outreach“One Mask • One Heart” Initiative

CTF Education Group launched the “One Mask • One Heart” initiative to spread love and camaraderie in the community. CTFEG hopes the initiative will further instill the core value of kindness and giving in the next generation.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak and the shortage of medical supplies, CTFEG donated HK$100,000 to purchase 22,200 masks and hand sanitizers for children with disabilities and from under-privileged families. CTFEG staff distributed the masks and hand sanitizers to 21 Special-Educational-Needs and under-resourced schools including Caritas Lok Jun School, Ebenezer New Hope School and Yan Chai Hospital Law' s Foundation Child Care Centre cum Hostel.

Through the “One Mask • One Heart” initiative, CTFEG and VEO staff, parents and friends were able to donate masks and hand sanitizers through collection boxes placed in all VEO kindergarten campuses and CTFEG offices.

The donation of a mask or a hand sanitizer might seem small, but we truly believe every little bit counts and is appreciated. Children were also encouraged to take part together in this meaningful initiative by colouring in a heart and adding a caring message. All items were donated to The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong (“BGCA”) to help children and families in need.

Over 7,800 masks and sanitizing products were donated over two weeks, and we received effusive feedback from our staff, parents, partners and the general public. As donations were collected during school suspension, we were extremely thankful people made the extra effort to drop off their donations at our campuses. Even now, donations continue to come in.

We were most touched by the caring messages and drawings sent by our kindergarteners and their parents. Through this project and others, we hope to teach children the importance of love, kindness and giving back to the community. We also hope to inspire other organizations to support our community in any way, shape or form. Collaboration is key to facing any challenge.