Collaboration & NetworksEducation Leaders Luncheon and Maker-Centered Learning Exhibition 2019

CTF Education Group successfully organised the “Education Leaders Luncheon and Maker Centered Learning Exhibition” in 2019. The conference was a unique occasion for international and Hong Kong education leaders from various sectors to exchange experiences and ideas about how to support young students as makers.

First in Hong Kong, we were proud to engage in a research initiative with Project Zero, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). The study, “Agency by Design: Early Childhood in the Making,” aims to investigate and understand how maker-centered learning can serve as a framework for early childhood educators as they support their students in developing a can-do spirit and in becoming empathic agents of change.

At this “Education Leaders Luncheon and Maker-Centered Learning Exhibition,” Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO), a member of CTF Education Group Limited and the research team from Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) were excited to share the research foci, and resulting achievements from the first year of the pilot research study.

The event attracted over 100 esteemed education leaders and STEAM professionals, including principals and senior teaching staff of reputable kindergartens, local and international primary/secondary schools, department heads and professors of universities related to STEAM and education, leaders of various education organisations, media management and government officials, and so on. The attendees found the sharing and workshop very inspirational, and were impressed by the world-class research insights brought by VEO and the Project Zero research team at HGSE.

CTFEG invests in initiatives at some of its schools aimed at engaging the faculty in the cutting edge curricular ideas. For instance, CTFEG supports the research initiative at VEO with Project Zero, at the HGSE, to understand how maker-centered learning can provide a framework for young children to develop skills and knowledge within and beyond the STEAM disciplines, an integral part of contemporary education.