Our Community

Empowering Communities Through Shared Value Creation

We believe education empowers communities by creating vital opportunities that bridge socioeconomic gaps. Around the world today, diverse communities face varied and complex challenges that require collaborative and creative responses. Between challenges faced by young people today and challenges to the environment, companies like ours play a definitive role in providing inventive solutions that effect positive and lasting change.  

Recognising that no single party or entity can solve complex problems alone, the CTF Education Group Charitable Foundation (CTFEGCF) was established in 2020 on the concept of shared value creation. Leveraging our role as EduMakers, CTFEGCF and CTFEG’s community programmes work with diverse partners across disciplines and sectors to connect people and places, business and NGO partners, to achieve long-lasting benefits for all shareholders.

Our Impact Strategy

To make the greatest impact with our community engagement effort, our work rests on FIVE PILLARS developed together with stakeholders in the community we serve.

The C T F E G Pillars


Collaboration & Networks

By collaborating with our partners, we expedite the exchange of knowledge and resources to greater effect. Our partners include educators, policymakers, philanthropists and members of the business community who seek greater diversity, innovation and solutions to complex educational challenges.


Teaching & Learning Research Advancements

We fund various research projects and studies to support scholars, researchers and education thought leaders in improving and advancing the frontiers of teaching and learning.


Financial Aid & Scholarships

We offer financial assistance to the families of exceptional children who would not otherwise be afforded the opportunity to enjoy a world-class education.


Education & Community Outreach

We harness our expertise to forge community connections to solve the most pressing challenges facing the world of education. Together with our affiliates, we volunteer and raise funds to support the worthy causes of local and international NGOs.


Global Leadership & Access

Through our strong network of like-minded partners, we connect with global and local education professionals to support leadership development programs with a global perspective.

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