News & EventsVictoria Playpark K11 MUSEA holds Grand Opening

On November 6th 2019, Victoria Playpark held the Grand Opening of its new campus at K11 MUSEA. In attendance were distinguished guests, including CTF Education Group management team, Victoria Educational Organisation management team, principals, Parent Teacher Association committee and business partners, without whose support the event could not have taken place.

Jennifer Cheng, Deputy Vice-Chairwoman of CTF Education Group Limited, offered some opening remarks.

“Victoria Playpark is honored to be a part of the CTF Education Group, whose mission is to provide outstanding educational opportunities that nurture the academic, social and emotional facets of our students while promoting diversity and inclusiveness,” she told the audience. “We are also dedicated to serving parents’ needs through different life stages and are committed to developing a better future for the community and the world through education.”

Gabriel Li, Principal of Victoria (Kornhill) Nursery & Advisor to Victoria Playpark, also spoke at the event, thanking VEO management and staff for their invaluable contributions to the opening of the new campus.

Finally, members of CTFEG and VEO management offered a toast to the new campus, wishing VPP students a “bright from the start” year and that VPP continues to contribute to early childhood development.

Afterward, guests enjoyed a sumptuous catered lunch and a visit of the brand-new campus facilities guided by educators and teachers.