Network of Stakeholders and

We bring together different stakeholders, services, and resources to achieve greater synergy, collaboration, communication, opportunities and efficiency to impact K-12 education and schools. 

Our Education Ecosystem Services include: Academic and Curriculum Development, Talent Development Academy, Technology Consultancy, Advisory Services, Institutional and Corporate Partnerships, and Investments.

Academic and Curriculum Development

A solid curriculum is the backbone of high-quality education, aligning educators’ visions and teachers’ effective deliveries with the ultimate goal of inspiring learners. Staying relevant with a future-forward outlook is key, and a rich curriculum is one that is constantly evolving. Yet, we are mindful that the evolutionary process involves stakeholders with different needs and preferences. In developing a curriculum, we seek to strike a balance:

An organic approach to learning

In short, a balance of ideology and practice.

Curriculum development is a dynamic process that is in need of constant reflection and innovation. At CTFEG, we bring together global education experts, including researchers, practitioners, policymakers and industry specialists, to bridge the gaps between academic, data-driven theories and real-world practices. We strive to EDUMAKE a new paradigm of blended best practices to benefit our K-12 education ecosystem.

With the support from CTFEG, VEO has engaged in “The Agency by Design: Early Childhood in the Making” research initiative with Project Zero, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to understand how maker-centered learning can help young children develop skills and knowledge within and beyond the STEAM disciplines. VEO also adopts the Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project to improve English literacy, and our curriculum team has further developed our own Chinese literacy approaches – setting us apart and raising our standards to the highest for early childhood bilingual learning.

Talent Development Academy

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But what role does each stakeholder play in creating positive, sustainable learning impact? The CTFEG Talent Development Academy brings together the key players and resources integral to the success of an education journey: 1) the learner him/herself; 2) world-class educators as facilitators; 3) school management team as industry leaders who set the direction; and 4) arguably most importantly, parents, whose supportive role cannot be replaced.

CTFEG leverages and synergises the expertise developed within the Group’s K-12 schools with the goal of cross pollinating best education practices. We also invite experts from around the world to share their valuable research and ideas. Our vision is to welcome voices passionate in education within a platform that will be accessible to all, to make a positive, lasting impact on our schools and beyond.

Technology Consultancy

Technology is the engine behind all school operations, enabling and enhancing learning inside and outside of the classroom. Technology is indispensable, particularly at a time when teachers and students need to be flexible about how they deliver lessons and communicate learning.

CTFEG’s group of IT experts provide IT consultancy services and technology solutions in the following areas:

  • IT infrastructure for school and learning management systems

    architecture and system design, development and implementation

  • IT operations and execution

    best practices, processes and controls to enable seamless learning protocol and education contents delivery

  • IT governance and compliance

    policies, procedures, governance framework and security

  • Use of technology

    selection of tools, development, customisation, implementation and maintenance, in the areas of:

    • School management system
    • Edtech for learning management including applications for content repository, teaching and learning
    • Platform for partnerships and integration

Advisory Services

CTFEG’s experienced school management teams provide expert advisory services to K-12 schools in the following areas:

  • School management and operations
  • Marketing, public relations and crisis management
  • Recruitment and human resources management
  • Strategic and financial planning
  • University admissions counselling and support

Institutional and Corporate Partnerships

CTFEG believes in the power of partnership and interdisciplinary collaboration to advance the frontiers of K-12 education. Together with our partners, we develop synergistic education programs for students, schools and universities.

ARCH Education


Through our partnership with ARCH Education, a premier education institute headquartered in Hong Kong, we enjoy the opportunity of collaborating with qualified and experienced educators who curate transformational skill-based enrichment programs and seasoned counsellors with deep expertise in school and university admissions. ARCH Education also provides complementary services to students and schools, in its capacity as a Registered Teaching Institute of University of London and approved examination center of Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing, a UCAS registered center. Over the past six years, ARCH Community Outreach (the non-profit charity of ARCH Education) has also hosted the Global Aspiring Medic Conference and the Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship through its collaboration with University of Hong Kong, providing Hong Kong students with global exposure and opportunities to compete internationally.

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong


Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong offers a quintessential British education for primary school aged children in Hong Kong, complemented by a rigorous Chinese language and culture syllabus drawn from the Chinese National Curriculum. While academic achievement is a hallmark of Wycombe Abbey education, the school places a strong emphasis on a broad education to foster the skills necessary to succeed in life.


Our investment portfolio forms an integral part of our mission to build a synergistic education ecosystem. We identify investment opportunities that bring strategic value to our schools, as well as financial and strategic resources in fast-growing and innovative organisations. With our unrivaled combination of strong education industry knowledge, operational expertise and extensive networks, we consider it our goal through our investments to produce strong long-term capital return for our Group, as well as to bring positive, transformational changes to the education sector.

We invest primarily in the Asia Pacific region, but also globally in companies across growth stages – from promising start-ups and rapidly growing ventures to more established companies.

Our investments include an array of companies in educational technology, K-12 schools and other education services.